Blues Bonanza

Bluefish were strangely absent earlier this summer but the past weeks have seen the arrival of literally thousands of 1 to 2-lb harbor (or cocktail) blues.  At times there are acres of blues chasing peanut bunker, silversides and sandeels, with hundreds of terns diving on the melee.  The feeding frenzies are popping up throughout Nantucket and Vineyard Sounds, as well as Buzzards Bay.

Bonito are still the only so-called funny fish to make an appearance in the local waters.  With a few exceptions, trolling rather than casting has produced better results for speedsters.  And there continue to be reports of small king mackerel in Buzzard Bay.  False albacore are due to make an appearance in the coming days.

Striped bass fishing is slow, if not very slow. The heat wave has warmed the local waters to levels that have chased bass to deeper hideouts and to almost exclusively night-time feeding.

Bottom fishing for fluke and black sea bass remains steady, although the keeper-size and bigger fish, like striped bass, have retreated to deeper holes.



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