Bonito Are Back

The first of this season’s funny fish have arrived.  Bonito were caught two weeks ago off the south side of Nantucket and this week (July 27) they were caught in Menensha Harbor and off Tashmoo.  Once the seas settle down from the mid-week storms, bonito will probably show up off the south side beaches and Elizabeth Islands.

Striped bass fishing in Nantucket and Vineyard Sounds continues to be good, not great.  There is now shortage of small bass but keepers are often elusive. The best bass fishing has been in Buzzards Bay, through the Canal, and Cape Cod Bay.

For shore anglers bass fishing remains pretty much a night-time endeavor.  A bonus for the after-dark angling are brown sharks which seem to be here in good numbers this year.  (Remember: Brown sharks are protected and if caught should be released immediately.)

Fluke fishing is difficult. Catching fluke is easy; getting a 17-inch legal fish is much more difficult. Best advice is to fish deep — real deep as in 80 to 100-feet of water.

For better worse, bluefish continue to be elusive, although there were reports early this week of big schools of slammers in Buzzards Bay and the Canal.



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